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Find out how the mixing process works, why it is necessary to get a full sound and industry standard techniques that are typically used

What is audio mixing?

The mix is one of the most important parts of post-production audio editing. This is the process of taking each individual track or stem and ‘mixing’ them together to create a full and spacious sound. With the use of various techniques and audio effects, the mix aims to bring each instrument into its own sonic space and prevent overlap that can cause elements of your music to become lost when all tracks are combined.

What techniques are used?

Many techniques and effects are used during the mixing process but some of the most important ones include:


Compression – This balances a track’s overall volume, raising up quiet dips and reducing loud spikes. Applying compression throughout the mix is crucial in getting a sonically balanced song that is comfortable to listen to. This also helps to prevent clipping, which will widely prevent your song from being broadcast or distributed.


Equalisation (EQ) – Here is where any unwanted or unneeded audio frequencies are removed, whilst enhancing frequencies that benefit the overall sound of the song. This is also important for allowing each instrument or track to occupy its own ‘spot’ within the final mix.


Reverb – Here is where you will get a more natural sound from your tracks or instruments. Carefully adding the right level of reverb will help to mimic a more natural space which can enhance the listening experience. Reverb also helps to ‘glue’ all of your sounds together to create a more full sounding song.


Other common techniques and effects include; fader balancing, automation, sidechaining, stereo panning, etc.

How can Hike Mudd help?

Hike Mudd Audio offers several mixing packages designed for any level of musician or artist. Have a look below at my mix-only packages – or check out all services for more.


Extra Small Project
£ 50
  • Up to 3 stems
  • 44.1 kHz Stereo Mix
  • .WAV Export
  • 1 Revision Included
Great Value


Small Project
£ 80
  • Up to 8 Stems
  • 44.1 kHz Stereo Mix
  • .WAV Export
  • 2 Revisions Included


Medium Project
£ 150
  • Up to 16 Stems
  • 44.1 kHz Stereo Mix
  • .WAV Export
  • 2 Revisions Included


Large Project
£ 210
  • 17+ Stems
  • 44.1 kHz Stereo Mix
  • .WAV Export
  • 3 Revisions Included